Tax Exempt Business Registration For Kemetic Americans


We (Merri-Amen Republic of North America) can complete A FULL INDIGENOUS BUSINESS REGISTRATION that will exist as a for profit TAX EXEMPT entity for the rest of your life.

Advantages of this type of entity are:

·      No Sales Tax on any of your purchases for the rest of your life saving thousands

·      Placing all real estate property in a Tax Exempt status saving thousands

·      Purchasing vehicles with NO SALES TAX

·      Setting up a business bank account that CANNOT BE GARNISHED by any entity private or governmental

·      Investing that saved money into other business or leisure or family


·      EIN Number from Department of Treasury-IRS in 72 hours

·      Business Articles in 72 Hours

·       Individual Business Master file Certification fro IRS Certifying you as a Tribal Business and Governmental Instrumentality

·      Instructions for Opening a Bank Account 72 Hours

·      Access to our Social Media Group giving daily tips and guidance to save yourself and family thousands

·      Participating in our Indigenous tax Exempt Program for Indigenous Peoples PLAN to save 1% (600,000) of our people 3 Billion dollars annually in the next 10 years (30 Billion) & created a Trust Fund to build Aboriginal Universities High Schools and elementary Schools Nationwide

·      Sample w-8Ben and W-9 forms for Banks and contracting with others

·      Recommendations for Business if you deal with Bonding or Insurance

·      Supporting all programs of the Merri-Amen Republic of North America.

The Business is originated in our Tribal and or Ecclesiastical jurisdiction for proper formation of the type of business you want and for non-Tax liability purposes

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